Hollotoli School


The House System in a school has a special relevance. It provides a platform for interaction for students as well as facilitating peer bonding across levels. It also inculcates a sense of belonging to the House and School and promotes camaraderie and teamwork. It leads to the holistic development of students through an eclectic range of activities that promotes healthy competition, shared aims and goals, growth in self esteem and inclusion.


The Euphrates is the largest, the longest and by far the most important of all the rivers of Western Asia. It is generally called “The Great River” in the Bible. The Euphrates is linked with the most important event in ancient history. On its banks stood the city of Babylon and the army of Necho was defeated here by Nebuchadnezzar;

Symbol: Warrior 

Motto:  ‘Honour and Glory’ reflecting the indomitable will of its house members which pushes them to overcome all odds and achieve glory.


The Jordan is a river of southwestern Asia. Historically and religiously, the Jordan River is considered to be one of the world’s most sacred rivers and it has been imbued with powerful symbolic meanings: it is a boundary and a crossing point, a metaphor for rebirth or regeneration.

Motto: ‘Pursuit of Excellence’ which believes in marching ahead with strength and fervour overcoming all the obstacles that lay ahead in the path of its progress.

Symbol: Phoenix 


The Tigris is the second largest river in Western Asia. The Biblical Meaning of Tigris is ‘Rapid’.

Motto: ‘Reach for the Stars’ which encompasses power, glory and speed, that inspires the house members to attain greater heights.

Symbol: Tiger


The Nile is the longest river in the world and this fascinating river remains an invaluable source of life.

Motto: ‘Truth, Valour and Wisdom’ the values and ethos which enables the house members to have a clear vision and imbibe a sense of infinite wisdom.

Symbol: Horse