Hollotoli School

Pre-Primary Wing

The foundation of a child’s growth is the most important part of his/her personality development. Most of the instincts are also acquired when a child is exposed to the environment which greatly affects his/her development. Considering the social, physical and mental growth which start to take place at this stage, Hollotoli School focuses on the Pre-Primary classes as the first step of education towards bringing up responsible citizens with holistic development and good morality.

Pre-Primary classes which consists of Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Preparatory are children of age 3 to 5/6 years. The Pre-Primary students are introduced to alphabetical and mathematical concepts, and encouraged to explore their surrounding world and environment. Supervised gross motor activities which includes physical exercise through games and other play-based activities are introduced to promote social interactions with peers and to develop skills and autonomy. In a nut shell, the children are provided with basic skills and knowledge for conceptual learning. Not only does the school focus on classroom learning but also on the outside classroom learning with all the necessary aids for a holistic and harmonious development of the child.

The subjects and activities provided are English (with Phonics), Maths, EVS, Hindi, Art/Craft, Dance, Music, EPL (Exercises of Practical Life), Games, Physical Exercise, along with Story Time, Movies, Play Time and a variety of hands-on activities.

Apart from the subject syllabus, the curriculum also includes events and other activities to meet the needs of his/her development and to reach the highest potential of the child. Values and etiquettes are also emphasized along with skills, ideas and concepts. Curricular and Co-curricular activities are equally given importance and all the subjects and activities provided are child-centred.