Hollotoli School

Teacher’s workshop on Awareness of Inclusive Education and Whole School Approach to Inclusion

An interactive workshop on “Awareness of Inclusive Education and Whole School Approach to Inclusion” was conducted for all the teachers of Hollotoli School on 30th March 2023. The resource person was Ms. Lanusongla Lemtur, President and Co-founder of Keystone Education Society, Dimapur. Ms. Lanusongla discussed the various aspects of inclusive education where the system of teaching and learning is suitably adapted to meet the learning needs of different types of students with disabilities.

The teachers were also involved in various activities where they learned to cater to the educational needs of special children. She also emphasized the important role of teachers and school leaders in improving inclusive education in the school. Through the workshop, it was clear that inclusive education is beneficial wherein students with or without disabilities learn together with diverse skills, abilities, and backgrounds.