Hollotoli School

Heritage Week

Every year, Hollotoli School celebrates Heritage Week to encourage unity and provide space to teach, learn and honour our culture. This year based on the theme “Unleash the Power of Diversity,” the school hosted several activities from the 13th to the 15th of July to raise awareness and visibility of our rich culture and diversity.

‘Heritage’ is a present from our ancestors, respect it, and preserve it. With an aim to get familiar with one’s own roots and heritage, the juniors of Hollotoli School celebrated Heritage Week alongside the seniors from the 13th to the 15th of July, 2023, under the theme- Unleash the Power of Diversity. The Junior School engaged themselves with a series of day-wise activities as follows-
Day 1 – Class Activities
Day 2 – Special Assembly
Day 3 – Inter-House Traditional Sports Competition
Through the activities done, students experienced the diverse culture through drawing and painting, presentations, designing attires, tasting different traditional dishes belonging to different tribes and communities and by displaying skills of sportsmanship through the traditional sports being played- Cockfight, Kabaddi, Seven Stones and Tug of War. With these experiences, they have learned to accept each other’s differences and that diversity only presents us in a colourful manner.